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Revolutionary Roller Locks is a veteran owned and operated company. Our founder spent the better part of 20 years in uniform providing intelligence to forward deployed service members. During that time he learned the importance of listening to his customers to create the highest quality product that was possible. It didn’t matter whether that customer was on the ground or in the boardroom, and he believes it still doesn’t. He places unrelenting emphasis on knowing our customers, listening to their demands and focusing our whole effort on creating what they need.


Innovation. Evolution. Reliability. We see all three of these operating as mutually supporting aspects of our product development and customer service cycle. One feeds the next and each and every advancement we make in an individual area lets us evolve the other two.  


Every one of our firearms is hand built. And every one of our hand builds starts and end the same: With your vision and your satisfaction. You may use the Roller Lock Configurator, purchase from a dealer or request a custom build. However you impart your vision you can rest assured we’re still going to put ourselves and our passion into making your dream a reality. And because we like information and staying in the know, we’re going to keep you updated at each step of the process.


We won’t let anything leave our hands that we wouldn’t be proud to offer to a friend, family member or one of our service professionals. We only use the best components and we put ourselves into each and every firearm because you deserve it and depend on it. Even the best material gets worn down but our dedication to our customers does not. We’re happy to offer a limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our products. Even though we don’t think you’ll ever need to use it.

All Revolutionary Roller Locks products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee against defects in original materials and workmanship. If your Revolutionary Roller Locks product shows evidence of such defects, we will make every accommodation to fix, repair, or replace your product in the most expeditious manner possible. Revolutionary Roller Locks does not warranty our products for damage caused by the correct or incorrect installation of other manufacturer’s products.