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Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided a FAQ that answers a vast majority of the questions we receive to save you some time, please check it our prior to sending us an E-Mail. Please use the form below to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Each and every one of our guns is hand built and hand tuned to ensure years of reliable operation. The classic design of the MP5 uses quality parts that each have to be fitted, welded and trued to provide the expected operation. Building these is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. Just compare the number of AR builders to MP5 builders available in the US.  We take pride in the true custom craftsmanship of each of our guns.

Our maximum production is 5 guns per week. That allows us to ensure our quality while getting great gear in the hands of discerning individuals. Some weeks production will be much less to allow us to work on custom orders or repair work, but we strive hard to keep the maximum rolling out the door. 

Approximately 8 weeks from the time we begin your build. We operate on an 8 week cycle, and each week when we ship guns out we’ll update those discerning individuals who have signed up for our waitlist that build slots are available for purchase. Purchasing a build slot guarantees your spot in line and this is the best convergence of “First Come, First Served” while also allowing us to ensure timely production of firearms. We’re certain as word gets out that our waitlist will only increase in size so we recommend not waiting too long to get your build going.

We love custom work and built the first true Roller Lock Configurator to help bring your vision into existence! When you see exactly what you want, just purchase it and we’ll do the rest of the work. We’re constantly adding components and accessories but if you don’t see what you desire just contact us and we’ll apply our knowledge and passion to make your roller lock experience exceptional. 

We do, because we want you to enjoy your roller lock experience even if we didn’t build your gun. Due to the large number of sub-par clones on the market we limit our repair and gunsmithing work to no more than 5 firearms at a time. To view our offerings you can check out our Gunsmithing page, and if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for please contact us with as much detail as you can provide. We operate our repair and gunsmithing work similarly to our custom builds by offering a waiting list so the sooner you get on it the sooner you’re back on the range. 
After you’ve placed your order you will receive a confirmation email. Please reply to that email with the name and contact info of your FFL, or have your FFL send us their credentials to Please ensure you or your FFL reference your order number in ALL correspondence. 

You can put any address you want at checkout. We will change it prior to shipment.  

We ship most items via USPS. Sometimes they take a while to update tracking. Please allow up to 48 hours for tracking to update or show up in their system. It is not uncommon for USPS to miss scanning a package at one or more facilities. Sometimes a package will show “in transit” for several days without updating or won’t show any movement until it has reached its destination facility. This is completely normal and is usually means your package is delayed due to weather, holiday surge or other circumstances. In nearly every instance the package shows up at the next facility en route within a few days. 

FFL’s are public information and not some super secret. You can download a copy of our FFL here:

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