New Jersey RL9 Receiver (9mm)


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A New Jersey Compliant receiver to start your MP5 clone build from, brought to you by Revolutionary Roller Locks in the great state of Texas!

We know there are onerous laws out there and we have to comply with them while we fight them everywhere possible. But in the meantime, we’ve carved out a path with the help of some New Jersey patriots to get you the highest quality roller lock available in state and in your hands.

Here’s the process:

Our  hand-built receiver (NOT a pistol, rifle,SBR, etc) gets purchased and shipped to your FFL in New Jersey.

Once there it will transfer to you via the 4473 (background check and transfer). Once in your possession it can be electronically submitted for classification as an AOW. There is a $200 federal tax but let’s be honest…it’s worth it. Your Form 1 will likely take about 35-45 days. And we’re now in the system so we’ve taken the headache out of that aspect for you. After you get the verification it’s an AOW you can send it off to someone for gunsmithing if you so desire. (We’d recommend someone who knows what they’re doing, like us)

Since we’re an 07/02 FFL/SOT the customer can send it to Texas for some gunsmithing. (Like installing the cocking tube, barrel, Unified Picatinny rail, completing test firing, Cerakoting, affixing grips and braces, you get the idea).

Once all that gunsmithing is done we send it back home to a very happy New Jersey resident who would have the closest thing to an MP5 clone that’s possible in that state. We’ve kept our pricing to the point that after gunsmithing your cost is about the same as our Legacy Line RL9 pistols before adding braces, accessories, etc. We don’t see a point in price gouging and focus on quality.

Let’s be honest…Life’s too short to shoot AR’s. Get your roller on!

Not a theory here. We’ve worked with some great partners and subject matter experts to validate this process. It’s legal, it’s awesome and it’s focused on supporting our 2A community through judicious compliance with existing laws.

Get yours in the works now since this process will take a little bit of time. Your only regret will be that you didn’t start earlier!

(Please note your receiver will be non-painted and in the raw, to expedite any gunsmithing you wish completed on it


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