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RL9UR Pistol


Our improvement of the Legacy with enhanced user interface.
The classic lines of the MP5 in an updated optics-ready configuration ready for you to hit the range. If you want to further envision what your gun could look like, head over to “Build My Gun” and do exactly that. We’ve built the world’s first Roller Lock Builder just for you!
The RL9UR (Unified Rail) features our proprietary Picatinny/rear sight base creation that maximizes your benefit:
– One piece CNC machined design
– No ugly rail/sight interruptions
– Rounded forward area so you don’t cut yourself charging the firearm
Each gun is hand built in Texas and ready for a lifetime of service.
Each firearm includes:
– Tropical handguard
– 2 30 rd magazines
– SEF trigger housing (safe/semi only)
– Shipped in a custom black tactical case

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“F-Style” Bolt Carrier Group

Full Auto Bolt Group equipped with the most advanced features and ready for both semi-automatic fire and registered sear use. We only accept the highest degree of attention to detail and machining capability to manufacture each sub-component. The group is 100% US made and constructed of the finest and most durable material available.

  • F-Style enhanced steel bolt head with steel extractor, spring, roller set and F-style roller plate.
  • 100 degree locking piece constructed from ordnance grade steel.
  • Firing pin and spring.
  • F-Style Full Auto Bolt Carrier constructed of billet ordnance grade steel that is filled with tungsten and heat treated to guarantee performance and reliability.
  • Stainless steel recoil assembly designed to provide longevity for this wear item.

Dual Muzzle Attachment System & Nitride Heat Treated Fluted Chamber Barrel

Each barrel is precision machined and threaded. The combination 3-lug and 1/2 X 28 TPI attachment systems ensure consistent engagement and lock up of an expansive range of suppressors and other muzzle attachments.


Cold Hammer Forged (CHF) chrome molybdenum (CM) chamber fluted barrel finished through the nitride heat-treating process. Each barrel is hand pressed into the trunnion to ensure proper head spacing and provide guaranteed free float accuracy and dependability.

Receiver Assembly

The receiver encompasses the heart of the roller lock system and therefore receives our greatest level of attention to detail during construction. Anything less would require us to compromise in the areas of fitment and function. And because that’s not an option, we take extreme care to ensure only the best receiver makes it past our quality control process.

  • Each receiver starts life as a stamped steel flat produced by the unquestioned industry leader.
  • Every receiver is hand rolled and quality controlled to ensure consistent production.
  • Custom designed and manufactured fixtures are utilized to guarantee a solid work surface.
  • That solid work surface is combined with our state-of-the art welding system for focused hand welding of each and every critical joint.
  • Our welders are the best in their profession. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


4140 ordnance grade steel that is machined to within .0005 tolerance to maintain our exacting standards. This consistency allows us to hand press each and every barrel to the correct headspace and ensure both longevity and the accuracy achieved from the free float effect.


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