RRL MP5K Adapter and ACR Folding Brace Combo


The best of so many worlds! All combined in one sleek, highly capable brace setup to give your pistol the enhanced abilities it deserves.

– RRL GEN 3 ACR adapter

– Haga Defense ACR Tailhook Adapter

– GearHead Works Tailhook

(More braces being built this weekend so backorder with confidence!)

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We coupled the ACR™ Enhanced 7-Position Telescoping/Side Folding mechanism with a brace to keep all you pistol guys and gals happy “in compliance” but enjoying the benefits of this setup. The seven position telescoping stock has an adjustable length of pull from 11″ to 14″ (when installed on an ACR). The brace also unlocks and folds to the right side and is held open by a hinge detent, allowing your firearm to become more compact but still able to be fired. An adjustable, locking cheek weld piece can raise 1/2″ for better sight alignment with optics. The Tailhook brace can be installed to provide either a left or right hinge mechanism for your shooting comfort.

3 reviews for RRL MP5K Adapter and ACR Folding Brace Combo

  1. Baba Yaga

    First of all I want to commend the owner Will Barth for being such a standup guy when it comes to his product and customer service. I truly feel as though Will took a personal interest in serving me and for that I’m truly grateful. As for the ACR tailhook brace, it’s a solid product with all around positive functions. It definitely gives the shooter a greater advantage with a cheek riser, 7 position collapsible tailhook attachment and to top it off it’s so aesthetically pleasing that it gives your sub-gun a futuristic appeal. There was no compromise on the quality of this brace setup. I assure you it’s not some inferior Chinese made crap that one is likely to have to replace in a short period of time. It’s such a solid product that you can save yourself some time and $200 😉 I highly recommend this brace. You can see my setup on IG: @baba_yaga_101

    • William Barth

      Glad we could improve your roller lock experience! Thank you for the support and patronage.

  2. D. Clark

    I’ve had this ACR brace for a couple months now and I love it. It’s surprising lighter than I expected which is definitely a plus. I went to a defensive carbine class with it and was an attention grabber. Everyone want to see and hold it which I didn’t mind. I definitely recommend using a decent riser if running an optic as the stock runs flush with the receiver which some might find difficult to get a good sight picture. I’m using a Scalar Works riser with a H2 Aimpoint and it works perfectly. I think what I like the most about this brace is that I can easily change over to the stock after I get decided to get a tax stamp for a SBR

  3. Steven M

    Man oh man, did Will take care of me on this brace. Excellent customer service and superb craftsmanship on this kit. The cheek riser feels so buttery smooth, I cannot see myself without it. On my SP5K PDW this thing looks so cool too, like a mini SCAR boot haha! Top tier company and customer service, this folding brace is simply, awesome.

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