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Revrl ACR Stock Adapter Installation guide

Thank you for your purchase of the Revolutionary Roller Locks ACR Stock Adapter!
You’ll enjoy the enhanced capabilities of your platform that come with the addition of the ACR stock:

+ Adjustable Length of Pull (7 position) + Modular Sling Mounting Interface
+ Adjustable Comb Height
+ Fixed and Folding Options


+ The ACR stock and adapter interface through a single steel roll pin located in the hinge area.
+ The roll pin has a single crease along the entire axis. This crease MUST be oriented either directly

forward (towards the muzzle) or directly rearward (towards the buttstock). Failure to orient the roll pin

in this direction will result in loosening over time and degraded product performance.

+ To install this pin, align the hinges together with the stock in the open and locked position. It is

normally easiest to install the spring in the pocket and rotate the stock into the open position until you are able to see the alignment of the stock/hinge holes.

+ With the roll pin correctly oriented in the hinge area, use an appropriate size punch and hammer (or adequately sized press) to drive the pin downward until the top of the pin is flush with the top of the hinge.

IMPORTANT: Your stock setup is brand new and you’ll experience an extremely tight lockup in the hinge area as well as the push button area until it has had a chance to break in. This is by design so you can enjoy your product for the longest time possible.

The installation of the ACR stock precludes the effective use of the traditional iron sights. This is also by design since the ACR stock and adapter were specifically designed for the use of modern optics and accessories atop your firearm.

We’re committed to making quality products for our customer so please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Click here to download the PDF.